Atomic Heart Next Level: Trapped in Limbo DLC

Atomic Heart Next Level: Trapped in Limbo DLC

We’ve got some seriously mind-bending news – Atomic Heart, that awesome FPS set in a twisted Cold War era, is throwing a brand-new DLC into the mix. And let me tell you, it’s so out there that even Undertale looks like a walk in the park. Brace yourselves for the madness of Trapped in Limbo! coin303

Atomic Heart Psychedelic Rampage: FPS Meets Dreamland Adventure! 🌈🔫

Imagine going on a crazy machine gun rampage through a magical land. Atomic Heart’s new Trapped in Limbo DLC makes such a big promise! Plus, you get to play as a bird at some point. That’s right, a bird! It sounds a bit like Untitled Goose Game, but you can’t sneak around here. They will be up against really strange monsters right in front of them.

Watch this surreal trailer and get ready for some mind-blowing weirdness!

Last month, we got a sneak peek at this DLC. Now, it’s official: Trapped in Limbo will be out in February 2024. The trailer is a trip in and of itself, taking us even further into the strange world of the game. It starts right where the second ending of Atomic Heart left off, with our hero P3 being thrown into his own mind. There were hints of this mind-bending place in the game before the DLC, but trust me, it’s even stranger now.

Platforms covered in candy and chocolate treats!

If you can believe it, the trailer gives us a taste of this mind-blowing place that is full of twisted versions of things that happen in Atomic Heart’s “real” world and lots of chocolate. Get ready to fight a smart item box, different kinds of the game’s mustached robots, and other strange enemies. Plus, the platform action will make your stomach turn as you jump between chocolate-covered and heavy plateaus. Be careful, this could really make you hungry. koin303

Skins you can unlock and sweet surprises! 😹🍭

As you may have guessed, Mundfish has let slip that you will be able to show off skins in the main mission. Also, let’s hope we can get the crazy guns from the DLC, though that’s still not certain. Imagine fighting a huge, rolling monster with a gun that can kill hundreds of thousands of people. That’s COIN33 really crazy!

Mark Your Calendars: Dropping on February 6, 2024! 🗓️🎉

Get your game face on – Atomic Heart’s Trapped in Limbo DLC is hitting your screens on February 6, 2024. No word on the price tag yet, but if it follows the pattern of other DLC, you can expect it to be around $9.99/£8.99. And hey, if you haven’t snagged Atomic Heart yet, it’s a whopping 42% off on Steam, priced at $34.79/£31.89. Need some guidance? Check out our guide to Atomic Heart’s bosses and some handy tips.

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