Venice Airport

Venice Airport: A Gull-Infested Turbulence

Venice Airport, known for its serene beauty, is not quite so tranquil when it comes to its resident seagulls. These feathered felons are notorious for their audacious food thefts, swiping sandwiches, breaking crockery, and even nipping at fingers. Their antics have now taken a more disruptive turn, causing an hour-long shutdown and two hours of…

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Richard Fitzpatrick

Diving into the Depths with Richard Fitzpatrick

Meet Richard Fitzpatrick: The Underwater Adventures of a Marine Biologist Richard Fitzpatrick, an ocean cinematographer and marine scientist who won an Emmy Award, shows us some of the world’s best forgotten dive spots. Fitzpatrick co-founded the Biopixel Oceans Foundation in 2016 to support marine research, education, and conservation. He has loved the ocean since he…

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