Phuket Claims Title of World’s Most Crowded Tourist Destination in 2023

World's Most Crowded Tourist

In 2023, Phuket has clinched a new title as the world’s most crowded tourist destination, thanks to research conducted by This recognition has placed Phuket under close scrutiny as Thailand’s renowned beach getaway grapples with the looming threat of overtourism.

Overtourism: A Growing Global Concern

Phuket isn’t the only Thai destination to earn this crowded distinction, as both Pattaya and Krabi also feature on the list.

While tourist arrivals are frequently hailed as a sign of a destination’s success and an economic windfall, overtourism can have detrimental consequences. In several locations, overtourism has compelled governments to implement measures to manage visitor numbers.

Battling Overtourism: Lessons from Around the Globe

For instance, in Indonesia, Bali has imposed various restrictions on tourist activities to combat overtourism. Across Europe, cities such as Venice, Athens, and Amsterdam have introduced measures to preserve their heritage from the effects of overcrowding.

Venice, for example, has instituted a tourist tax, while the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, now enforces daily visitor limits. Concurrently, in Austria, residents have begun protesting against the surge in tourist numbers.

Phuket’s Intrinsic Allure

Phuket’s recognition as the most crowded destination comes as no surprise given its intrinsic qualities. With over 90 kilometers of coastline, Phuket boasts stunning beaches like Kata and Karon, which are particularly favored by scuba diving enthusiasts. Additionally, it features vibrant markets and enticing seafood restaurants that draw tourists from all corners of the globe.

Tourist Numbers Surge

In fact, the study reveals that there are approximately 118 tourists for every local resident in Phuket, underscoring the significant influx of visitors. So, which other destinations have secured spots on the list of the most crowded in the world?

Here are the top 10 most crowded tourist destinations, as per the research:

Phuket, Thailand

Pattaya, Thailand

Krabi, Thailand

Mugla, Turkey

Hurghada, Turkey


Heraklion, Greece

Venice, Italy

Rhodes, Greece

Miami, United States

The Balancing Act: Economic Benefits vs. Sustainable Practices

Phuket’s designation as the world’s most crowded tourist destination in 2023 serves as a reminder of the delicate equilibrium between the economic benefits of tourism and the imperative need for sustainable travel practices to safeguard the allure and cultural integrity of these highly sought-after destinations.